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5 Quick Tips Finding Perfect Apartment

5 Quick Tips Finding Perfect Apartment
Apartment hunting can be sometimes so stressful, and living in an apartment isn’t always a picnic either. From noisy neighbors to horrible landlords and tight spaces and or dirty room, things can get dicey. But with the right tricks up your sleeve, living in an apartment can be awesome. Here we go with ten ways to make that happen to you.

  • Find the perfect place to stay
The first important step to better apartment living is, obviously to find a good apartment to begin with. It takes a little research, but with a bit of patience you should be able to find a nice apartment in the neighborhood you want. Check our five favorite apartment search tools to get started, and be sure to bring this checklist with you to ask the most important questions while you hunt.
So, make a check list, visit the apartments, talk with the guide or the landlord, and tadaa…you might get some clues for better living. 
  • Build good relationship with the landlord
When you’re looking for an apartment, don’t just look at the unit—pay close attention to the landlord too since you are going to always be connected with. Avoid future problems by getting everything in writing, documenting the condition of the apartment, and knowing your rights. Hopefully you won’t have too many problems, but if something ever does go wrong, make sure you hold your landlord accountable. 
So, make sure everything is documented or in written form, and you both signed the documents. If you find something new, discuss with the landlord the possibility to handle the issue.
  • Save on Rent
Many landlords are willing to negotiate the price, as long as you aren’t competing with a bunch of other tenants. Try negotiating on things like pet fees or parking spaces rather than the actual rent cost, which can be tricky. The easiest way to save money on rent, though? Move in the winter, rather than the summer, when there’s less competition. 
Do a simple but meaningful research about the price. But do not compare apple to a non apple. A strategic place must be different with a place located in sub urban. 
  • Upgrade it
One of the major downsides of apartment living is that you can’t upgrade a lot of things that are older or not as nice as you’d like and want to. You may not be able to redo the entire kitchen, but you can perform a lot of temporary upgrades that will make things look a little nicer, modern, hi-tech  and work a little better. Plus, if you want to put in the work, try talking to your landlord before—they might be okay with you making a bigger upgrade, especially it if ends up saving (or making) them money in the long run.
Do not upgrade anything before the landlord give you the permission, and remember to make it under written documentation signed by the landlord so you can avoid future problem. 
  • Make it feels like home
You may not be able to repaint your apartment, install new carpet, or make any other permanent changes, you can still customize it and make it feel like home. Use photos and frames creatively to keep the walls from looking too bare, and add a large rug or other floor covering to switch things up. Stick to good design principles and a little can go a long way, at least until it’s time to buy your own place.


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